Thursday, January 20, 2011

Left Maori Party

The more i think about this Left Maori Party the more I see the potential of this. If the party vote entitles the party to get more seats - they get them. That means that anyone who agrees with the policies of the party can vote for it. What type of policy areas would I imagine such a party having.

A belief in tino rangatiratanga

A belief in protecting the disadvantaged in society

A belief in the kaitiakitanga

A belief in equality

These are just off the top of my head - the kaupapa can be developed.

Lets deal with the big one for many. Tino rangatiratanga - somehow if maori become empowered - everyone else becomes disempowered. This is just not true. When one group is empowered it empowers other groups. It is self empowerment not an imposition on someone else. Sure the signposts may become bilingual and the weather-map, but that is empowerment of maori to be able to see their landmarks and country as at least equal with the current dominant culture. That is fair and equal for all.

Some will just not believe that maori could represent them - they forget that every party has a range of personalites that represent them - oh that's right - it actually is because they are maori. These people have been brainwashed to believe the distortions thrown at them that maori are somehow different to them, somehow not as good. Newsflash - that is racism and it is there because you do not wish to accept and acknowledge your position of privilege. Every party in parliment is full of diversity - skin colour means nothing. "But, But, But - they believe in following maori stuff don't they - that will impinge on me, that is not right" - hey it is everyones right to believe what they want just like you do. There will be no impinging on your rights - you will still be able to go to the beach. When you really think on it there is no actual reason why a Left Maori Party could not represent many people: people who believe in the kaupapa.

It could be done.

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