Monday, January 9, 2017

the bill for cringing

So the Prime Minister Bill English is not going to attend Waitangi Day. There is a very simple reason for this - one that he probably wouldn't admit - it is fear. 

Fear of Māori, fear of the Treaty, fear of the election coming up, fear of the rednecks haters not voting for him, and a personal fear - which is really just a lack of courage. First the facts
Speaking to media in Auckland, English said he had written to marae officials after being appointed prime minister to determine the conditions on his attendance. He had been told he would not be able to speak at the powhiri, a decision which he did not believe was appropriate for the leader of the country.
Now the truth

HatTip The Standard

and then this so called prime minister bill english says
"The marae committee has decided that the prime minister can't speak on their marae, and that as far as I'm concerned is not respectful of the role."We have the right to decide [whether to attend]...protocol is I don't have to go onto that marae if the arrangements aren't respectful for New Zealand and New Zealanders."While protests at Waitangi had been "nationally relevant" 15 to 20 years ago, that was no longer the case."A lot of New Zealanders cringe a bit on Waitangi Day when they see the way that the ceremonies are being conducted, the ceremonies and welcomes, the type of protest there has been in recent years, and I'm pretty keen that we have a day when they're proud."
So now we get to the real point.
He is playing to his audience and trying to be like johnnyboy key the EX Prime Minister. That is how weak and sad bill english is. And if perchance he isn't doing that then he is disclosing his bigotry. This is the supposed leader of the country where his ancestors got the ability to come here and exploit stuff because of the TREATY, because Māori let them. But oh know - he only cares about REAL NEW ZEALANDERS. That is racist and disgusting and that is why bill english has little mana and the little he had has just gone out the window. Tangata whenua see the weakness from this man and this government and shake their heads and say, "same as it ever was!"


Karen said...

What makes me cringe as a Pākehā New Zealander is a PM unwilling to attend a pōwhiri and follow protocol.

He was offered a platform to speak afterwards but he preferred to lie about this. It is a blatant dog-whistle to the rednecks as well as being a show of cowardice. The fact that he has said he may not attend Ratana celebrations either indicates to me that he is planning to go with the kiwi/iwi tactic this election. Starting to wonder whether the Boag fiasco was testing the waters. What scares me is if National do this then will NZF try and outdo them with some Trumpian style racist dog-whistling?

Karen said...

Clue to the Bill English attitude to Treaty rights -this is what he was saying last time he was the leader of the Nats;

Also, he was advocating getting rid of the Māori seats. Then he was deposed by Brash who out did him in Māori bashing, but let's not forget Bill English is quite capable of doing the same.

Marty Mars said...

Yep Karen I agree - it is hard to see this other than a deliberate move by english - probably trying to do a trump and certainly very afraid of losing in the election this year. Sadly we will see a lot more of this dirty dog whistling. I wish we had a strong left to counter it.