Saturday, January 7, 2017

deliberately difficult

The left in this country (and around the world) have a real problem and that is the game has changed and the right aren't playing by the 'rules' anymore. The right have learned the lessons (get the power) and now use many tactics that are not only anathema to the left but they literally cannot be countered by normal means.

We have seen the dirty politics with the use of nasty right bloggers to do the character assassinations of those who counter the political right's agenda - but that is almost old news now - it still goes on but it has all become a lot more subtle.

We have fake news. We have repeated repetition of lies and misinformation (any Open Mike should do the trick - even when PROVEN to be lies the right just keep chucking it back up, day in day out - this confuses the gullible and makes left sites unreadable as any left counter just gets ignored and a new lie or an old one is reposted). We have poisoning the well (any cv comment - this shuts down any meaningful discussion from the left). The left really struggle to combat these techniques. It isn't that we aren't nasty enough, or don't recognise them, or we pretend it will all work out - no!

It is simply because those techniques are designed to be very, very hard to combat. Deliberately.

And the left is not the right and to lower to the depths needed to combat the right with the right tactics destroys the ethos of being left. 

What is the point of winning if you become like those you have beaten? 

What is the point of letting those you oppose win because you cannot fight them the way they need to be fought?

There are no easy answers or solutions - but the left must analyse this, the left must know what the problem actually is before solutions are used. Understanding the problem = 90%, solution = 10%.

This is a 2017 issue just like it was last year. And if it isn't sorted we will get more trumps and more slaters and more colonial vipers.

The left and its suite of ideals and morals and ethos has everything to lose, the people who need a strong left have everything to lose, those disadvantaged in society and those affected by bigotry and inequality have everything to lose.

We must not lose.


Karen said...

Ngā mihi o te tau hou a koe.

As often is the case, you have expressed my own concerns exactly. I am not sure how to counter this situation but I am very worried. As you know I decided not to comment any more on The Standard - even when CV was banned it was becoming intolerable. I don't have the time to counter all the lies and propaganda printed there - it would be a full time job. So what to do? If you don't counter what they are saying then it appears you are agreeing with it so I have removed myself from that forum. Unfortunately that means they get to control/destroy what was once a leftish blogsite in an election year.

"Deliberately difficult" is exactly right and I don't know what to do about it.

Carolyn_nth said...

Good post. The right definitely have an array of underhand tactics. I think there is also a problem in NZ of a small population, so there isn't the diversity of forums. There are some very good individual blogs, like this one, but then they don't get as much discussion.

Today I just started looking for overseas websites and forums that have a socialist/left, radical, feminist, and/or anti-racist focus, to see how the left is trying to organise elsewhere. There are a lot of ideas out there, but the ideas are not always presented in a way that will engage the (potentially) broader left/population.

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora körua

thanks for your comments. I agree with you both. Please keep me posted in good sites for us lefties. As for the standard - I keep coming back to all of the people who need a strong left, a caring left - I can't stop fighting for them, for us. I refuse to lower myself to the right level. I am going to do what I can when I can and trust. Kia kaha to you both.