Tuesday, January 17, 2017

lines up

Good to see some action beginning around the up and coming election this year. Firstly though - Greg O'Connor the retired Police Association president courted by Labour, for Ohariu. Now lets try that sentence again the way I really want to write it. Greg O'Connor? - the retired Police Association spokeperson?? courted by Labour???, for Ohariu????. To me the icing on the shit cake was this
Labour leader Andrew Little has confirmed discussions between the party and former Police Association president Greg O'Connor - saying O'Connor "lines up perfectly" with Labour's calls for better police resourcing.
 Yep, well, he wants to arm police
Police Association President Greg O'Connor has long warned that police are dealing with an ever-increasing number of armed offenders and says the latest incident comes as no surprise.The former officer once took an adamant stance against guns, but now acknowledges times have changed.
and this was telling too
"Believe me by next year, I believe it will be an election issue the political parties will be climbing over each other trying to get policies changed."
hmmm nice prophecy greg - looks like with labour you may have an opportunity to  "get policies changed".

For me greg has been too hardline, too willing to always back the police. I don't care that he is the cousin of an existing Labour MP, and I don't care that he may get a 'free-ride' against peter dunne if labour's plan to get the Greens to not run against their man works. I do care that O'Connor has extreme 'police' views and ex police officers are not the best MP's in my opinion.

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