Friday, April 15, 2016

the illusion of consultation

So arrogant and so wrong Te Ururoa Flavell you have let us down and now your legacy has been set and it is a sad, paltry legacy.
Māori Development Minister Te Ururoa Flavell is pushing ahead with his controversial proposals to change the way Māori land is handled.
He has introduced the Te Ture Whenua Māori Bill into Parliament, one month after the Waitangi Tribunal criticised the extent of consultation and recommended more engagement with Māori before changing the law.
Oh no he doesn't care what the Waitangi Tribunal says and what do they say?
The Tribunal report upheld several concerns claimants had about the bill, the key one being that consultation wasn't up to scratch. 
It warned that the Minister needed to go out and get enough support from Māori or risk breaching the Treaty of Waitangi.
the minister responds
But Mr Flavell said since that hearing, he has held 22 public hui and 14 wānanga, the bill has been tweaked, and he has that vote of confidence.
This minister is not trusted, his assurances are meaningless, his word is false.

What is this Bill all about?
The new bill aims to give landowners more say and ultimately make it easier for them to use their Māori land.
by 'use' think 'sell' and thus the whittling away of Māori land continues - by overt and covert means the greedy will try to get it all and the greedy will try to sell it all and stopping this will be the people, tangata whenua. And the greedy will be stopped.

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