Thursday, April 14, 2016

Poem - Maruia


seen these
hills before and I
see them again, they are
free cloaked, fully wrapped
in beech, a layering upon and their
uplifted moko grooved heads are gazing.

We've wandered upon their attired slopes, spongy steps
sank us, we balanced in our hands and slid
under the mottled trees in fragmented  light,. Our walk out, the uncomfortable
stream a silence, as still as a star and as

distantly afraid.

at my familiar face
facing me again reflective
and free, fully cloaked, wrapped,
a reach to uncover tangata whenua
for sure, though my fingers trace ancestry.

The nesting curve of your undulating hip, and an
ankle lightly lengthened, I suggest upon them
love phases invisibly chiselled. You absent-mindedly entwine my feet as I sleep,
dreaming a moment too small to sigh as

distances sway

I am
the growing
tip, life extended
I live on the distant hills
free, fully cloaked, wrapped
incessant pushing propels upward,
my feet knead the ground so slowly

Our sons collide quietly, a flood full of limb,
branching elbow unlocking a leg like a log,
the entanglement of us revealed unadorned and complete. We replay the scenes
of the past, the future as is now so

distinctly displayed

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