Friday, April 1, 2016

telling the history

I agree that the histories of the Land Wars should be taught in our schools.


Calls are growing for more to be taught in schools about the New Zealand Land Wars.
Last year a petition was taken to Parliament to call for a day of recognition and for the events to be part of the school curriculum, but historians say it's a part of our history that's been brushed over.
...Prof Mulholland -- who will also make a select committee submission on a day of recognition for the wars -- says it's a vital part of our history and we need to do more to recognise it.
Personally I cannot see what objections there would be to this. It is a part of our history and it has helped form us to what we are today. The more we know and learn about these histories the stronger we will be. There is so much emotion around those times and that is an indication that healing is needed. Being able to share histories is healing for all concerned. And share is the operative word - share -- listen and learn and clarify and listen and learn - we learn more by listening in the moment rather than thinking of what rebuttal we will use when they stop speaking.

I think it should be compulsory. And as you'd expect I'd widen the areas that need to be covered. The Treaty of course, and histories of tangata whenua should also be taught. From those histories will come understanding and a coming together. It will not right all the wrongs but ignorance is blighting us and causing distrust and fear and we cannot allow that to continue.

For me I'd keep everything discrete as in separate. So the histories of The Land Wars and their effects are one topic and each area is another topic rather than putting everything together - this would maintain the Mana of the issues and keep the focus on those issues. They will naturally lead to the next issues which can then be looked at in detail.

Imagine the opportunities if this was done - the connections built between peoples and generations, 


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Marty,
I can't see how it cannot be. That is history, what happened. It is only when interpretation of history becomes the case that there should be any cause for debate. To not teach it, therefore even acknowledge it happened, is simply a shameful lie. Kia Kaha hoa...

Marty Mars said...

Yep Robb I can't really understand it either. Our country spends so much on so little when, if they put a tiny amount into this project they would reap countless rewards.