Saturday, May 4, 2013

look over here not over there

A revealing article on Stuff about Tikorangi – ” the most heavily explored and developed oil and gas area in New Zealand”

key spoke to 100 in Inglewood
“On Thursday he told an audience that the amount of wealth that exploration could release meant it was in everyones best interests to build respectful relationships with the oil companies.”
No key it is not in everyones best interest just the greedy and money-hungry exploiters best interest.
On Tuesday the council’s request to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment that urban areas and land near New Plymouth Airport to be excluded from future oil exploration was turned down flat.
Yes they will be drilling near where people live and the effects of that are serious
Greymouth has stated it is drilling just one well but has applied to drill eight. It has also bought 30 hectares of land despite only needing 1.4ha.
Any assurances from them are worthless when the truth is obvious
Like so many other media-shy companies, Greymouth requires questions in writing which are answered in kind.
Just like Key - what a surprise, not.
Todd Energy, the other big player in Tikorangi oil and gas and operator of the massive Mangahewa C production site, has started issuing full-colour community updates.
Featuring pictures of smiling rig workers and the top-echelon management team casually splayed out on a grass bank at Womad…
Manipulation is easier when it comes in a nice glossy full colour update
“The fact of the matter is the easy oil is gone, and now exploration is being brought closer to humans,” Todd Energy operations general manager Mr Clennett says.
“Our main focus is how we can build a sustainable operation within the community. Because the skills we are building here, we want to be able to use in other places."
Easy oil is gone and fracking and other destructive practices are just kicking on and they will be used here and in other places as desperation grows.

Mr Clennett’s frankness, the printed updates, the millions in funding to the Len Lye Centre and support for other community projects have another bottom-line benefit for Todd. In a world market scrapping over a limited supply of oil and gas experts, reputation is money.
key and these companies are singing from the same songsheet and they are raising their voices in a cacophony of manipulation designed to drown out opposition to their exploitation, but it won’t work because they ignore people.
“This doesn’t feel like home anymore,” he told his parents Clare and Alan.
“The noise. The rigs. The powerlines. All the lights. It’s taken away the night sky. It’s pretty sad really.”
Expect plenty of glossy brochures and smiling pictures to come because that is all they have got to counter the truth of their activities.

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