Thursday, May 30, 2013

inciting all right

Māori are often the brunt of racism - that is a fact of life in this country. Tangata whenua get treated like second or third class citizens, the culture is denigrated and abused and this is the way it is here. Two cartoons by al nisbet that were in newspapers today and yesterday are more blatant than usual and this is because the racists feel comfortable in allowing their views to become public. They are overconfident in their racism, but as the response to these cartoons have shown, a shitstorm of rebuke from many who find them very offensive can come down upon them.

Vile cartoons and the racism they reveal have no place in this country - yet the likely outcome is that nisbet will continue to put his shit in the newspapers and editors will continue to publish them. Susan Devoy the Race Relations Commissioner shows how utterly gutless she is when she says
She said the cartoon continued the stereotype of certain populations and "continues to stigmatise people who live in poverty, particularly children".
But she said it did not reach the high threshold considered to be racist in the Human Rights Act because they did not incite racial disharmony.
No there isn't any incitement of racial disharmony there is there - what a joke of a comment from her but wait there's more
A lot of people agreed with the cartoons, Dame Susan said.
"I personally and those at the Commission don't [agree with the cartoons]. We do find it offensive, we find it quite insulting."
Oh a lot of people agreed did they - sorry devoy I think you meant to say, "A lot of sick racist wankers agreed with the cartoons" because if you had of said that then you might have some credibility - but don't worry she only found it "quite" insulting so not really insulting at all and a long way from inciting racial disharmony - It makes me sick to hear that weak, feeble bullshit lines trotted out but guess what? It is common in this country. Send an email to the editor to complain -

And what of the racist cartoonish nisbet, what does he say
"I personally don't believe there's an extent of poverty in New Zealand that's implied. I keep hearing this thing about poverty and I keep thinking 'hang on, we've got a welfare state in New Zealand and we have safety nets'.
He denied the cartoon was racist.
"I made sure I put some Europeans in there because there's a lot of bludging whites as well.''
Mr Nisbet said Maori and Pacific Islanders were a focus in the cartoon was because most of the food in schools participants would be in Northland, where the cultures were prominent.
He knew exactly what he was doing and trying to depict, and that is why he should be treated with contempt. Racists like him and their attitudes contaminate all they touch.

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