Friday, February 24, 2012

wriggleroom shame

Well the Māori Party have found their wriggle room with the state asset sales.

The Maori Party says its main concern about asset sales legislation was to ensure there was a Treaty clause, and not whether private shareholders would be covered. It's claiming victory after the Government confirmed a Treaty clause of some nature will be included.Finance Minister Bill English says there will be a clause reflecting the concept of the existing treaty clause in the State Owned Enterprises Act.But he says it will only bind the Crown, and not the 49% of private investors.The Maori Party says it can live with that, despite initially arguing that all shareholders should be bound by Treaty obligations.
Just like they found their wriggle room with the Foreshore and Seabed legislation. What a joke they are - I'm not going to go on about how useless they are - we all know it, we've told them it and they continue to display it. Shame on them.

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