Wednesday, February 29, 2012

as deep as a dollar

The prime minister has said that
"Plenty of women go back to work when their baby is a year old and it makes financial sense to do so"
 and that shows what a lowlife he is. Of course he never asks the obvious question of why. Yes a number of women go back to work and some of them may even want to, but many are also forced to because "it makes financial sense". If they didn't then there would not be enough money to pay the bills or create a life for themselves and their families and even for many that do work, the money isn't enough. Welcome to capitalism 101.

Of course the other implication of keys statement is that raising a child is not work which is utter bullshit. A good post on the standard shows the truth of keys lies. As that post shows, key is only looking at one side of the equation and mr moneybags never adds in the cost of working for any parent, let alone a single mum. That's just the monetary values not even getting into the social and moral values of having parent/s around raising young children. The comments on the post also mention - what happens when the child gets sick, or is disabled, or there are 2 or more children - why mention all of these factors when all he can focus on is money. 

The attitudes of key and bennett are the cause of most of the ills of our society.


Anonymous said...
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Marty Mars said...

can't be bothered with that crap anon

Frank said...

Well sussed, Marty. It's an unpleasant truism that the attacks on solo mums (but never solo-dads) comes from Key and Bennett - both of whom benefitted from a humane social welfare system.

The hypocrist from people who should know better is simply breathtaking!

Marty Mars said...

Good on you Frank - keep up the hard work on your blog, I enjoy it.

Frank said...

Thank you!