Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the real threat

The consultation hui on the sell off of state assets are almost complete and Bill English the Deputy Prime Minister says that

Radio NZ

there has been general acceptance at consultation hui that the Government will proceed with the partial sale of four state-owned enterprises, but will protect Maori interests.
so Māori recognise that the sale will go ahead whatever the people say. Somehow Māori interests will be protected. Let's not forget this is the man who says the proceeds of the sale are a guess and not even the best guess and this is the person who deliberately tried to divide Māori on Waitangi Day.

I don't believe english or his guesses and this one regarding the hui is is wildest yet.

English, his position and attitudes are a bigger threat to Māori than Paul Holmes and his racist rant. Anyone who knows anything about this country knows that holmes was expressing a view held by many, often in subtle and hidden ways. Business as usual in other words for those of us fighting for equality.


Anonymous said...

Maori elite will laugh all the way to the bank on this one, just as Maori elite today use slave labour on their fishing vessels and laugh all the way to the bank.

You can't pretend Maoridom has the moral high ground.

Get your own whanau on order.

Anonymous said...

(in) order, sorry

Marty Mars said...

I can't see where I am pretending anything anon. I think you are getting confused thinking that all Māori are the same - it's a common error usually based on preconcieved ideas.

Marty Mars said...

i before e except after c = preconceived - sorry

Anonymous said...

OK, sorry, you as in "one"; but who says "one" anymore?

Marty Mars said...

ahhh I get it now.

I can't claim that Māori have the moral high ground on an issue because some Māori do things I don't agree with.

Well i don't claim that in the first place as far as I can work out. Sure I often talk about Māori as in kaitiakitanga is a Māori concept but my idea of how that manifests isn't the same as how other Māori see it, so within the Māori Nation there are some who don't act in an aligned way with that concept IMO and I point that out.

I'm okay with that because I know that everyone thinks differently and that concepts evolve over time - Māori are no different to any other people but the effects of colonisation has distored many concepts IMO. I don't even blame those with different views, I accept them even as I argue against them.

Anonymous said...

If ONE is not interested in Maori or doesn't like Maori, ONE does not have to read a Maori blog or blog posts that are clearly labelled as concerning Maori. Nor does ONE have to live in a Maori country on Maori land, ONE is free to leave at any time.

Anonymous said...

If ONE doesn't like another Maori tribe, ONE can commit a holocaust on their asses and take their land, but when ONE's very same ancestors sell their land to Pakeha for some nails, ONE can get it, or millions of dollars in compensation and an apology, not to mention positive discrimination, back 150 years later - bevcause of Pakeha values, not the values that ONE's ancestors lived according to before the arrival of said Pakeha.

History has been cruel to us all. Stop making excuses for present failures.

Marty Mars said...

Sorry last anon but that just displayed your distorted and incorrect view of your inherent superiority.

The dismal compensations and apologies occured because the 'sales' were bullshit - lies and cheating - acknowledged by the Crown - deal with it.

The 'pakeha values' you ascribe are basic human values and Māori also have them in abundance but you continue to work off simplistic assumptions based on little knowledge - and somehow we are supposed to think you know what you are talking about? Your ignorance just shows through very glaringly so thanks for the advice but this ONE will stick with listening to people who actually have knowledge and understanding of what they are discussing rather than you who seems intent in continuing your distorted dominating attitude to tangata whenua.