Thursday, June 9, 2016

true bennett

So Paula Bennett the minister just made up the 'Flying squads' going around tapping on car windows to try and help the many homeless people living in their cars. She told the useless john key, he repeated it to show how useless the homeless were - didn't even bloody WANT help. Now the truth has come out that it was all bullshit. What an absolute disgrace of a person and if you want to see her real side watch this video - nasty, nasty, nasty!!!

The truth is many people are really struggling with the situation of no place to live - only very desperate people live in cars or vans. Māori are over-represented and everyone is suffering. Listen to this interview to hear the resilience and strength of some of our people.

People are helping as best they can but this is a structural issue that has to be fixed from top to bottom.

Does this government and its ministers care and are they going to do something? Nah better to have some more guns ($20b - yep that is billions) to shoot the desperate climate refugees soon to show up on our coastline...

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Karen said...

Tried to watch the Bennett clip but only got as far as her second reply but couldn't bear watching it after she started smirking while talking about people living in cars. She made me feel physically sick.

I listened in tears to that story from the child living in a van.

Thank you for putting these two clips up in the same post. I would like to force supporters of this government to watch them both and then to explain why.