Thursday, June 2, 2016

time to call time?

Who knows? Is it the calling, the incessant voices saying, "go forward, move", is it some feeling of service, or just ego, a feeling like no one else could do it. Whatever the reason, the maneuvering before these decisions of who will be the representative, and who will be elected Kaiwhakahaere - whew too much for me.

I just wish they would accept that if it is meant to be, it will be - and that the new always comes after the old, and that it is okay to rest after mahi and that others will do what they will do and that is what they will do. In other words - let it go, let others have a go - it IS time for a change.

One letter of support came from Riverton-based runanga Oraka-Aparima, whose representative is Ann Wakefield. She will have to stand down to give Solomon a run at the position.The chair of the Oraka runanga is Sandra Cook, who is regarded as one of Solomon's chief allies within the Ngai Tahu governance administration.She holds the position of principal adviser and leaked documents show her at loggerheads with Arihia Bennett, Tront's chief executive.The documents showed Solomon fought Bennett over committee structures and a management restructure that saw many of his loyal cronies go.
 The danger in not going is this is where the mana gets unraveled and this is where the dirty washing gets used and this is where hurts are revisited and slights are remembered - from all sides and positions get entrenched and hearts gets hardened and pity goes out the window and mercy is forgotten. This is what happens - it has happened before and it will happen again. Be prepared.

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