Friday, March 4, 2016

the moment has passed

I feel good. I'm pleased that I have voted for our current flag against the other one put up by key and his supporters. For me the tino rangatiratanga flag is my flag. The union jack has so many connotations relating to the colonisation of this country and I cannot get enthusiastic about it at all - I don't like it. But until we as a country are ready to embrace our past and move forward in partnership, as promised by The Treaty, then I will vote for the flag that actually represents us the way we are - warts and all. And there are lots of warts indeed. There is much work to be done to pave the way to allow a true flag for this country to come forth - I'll be working towards that.

Politically John Key will suffer from the loss of his pet project - as much as he has tried to distance himself now, he is linked hook, line and sinker to this and he won't get off. Of course Key is the master at sliding away, so any negative effects will be quickly forgotten by the anonymous middle - that fertile ground for centre right and left parties.

I've been biking to work and that has really helped me. I feel that I am contributing, in a small way, to the betterment of the world. I am doing it not just talking about it. These small steps are important - they give a sense of hope, they lock us into the 'now' whilst reinforcing the past and the future. Every small step, where we make a decision and then do it, is significant and necessary - without the small step there is no big step.

I work with mindfulness and what a gift that is. Being in the moment and practicing that daily. Once again it opens up the past and the future - which can be surprising when mindfulness is about the moment, about allowing, about non-judging, about accepting. This accepting is also reinforced by being aware of the dialetic (a method of examining and discussing opposing ideas in order to find the truth) and this can be done internally. I accept the way things are AND I want to improve them. It is amazing the power of accepting AND wanting to improve. Within the two ideas I find infinity. And believe it or not that is once again a place where the past and future can be found.

The past and future are linked to this moment. The past and future are linked to us.


KJT said...

Hi Marty

I agree. One day we will change the flag!

When we all decide it is time.

Maybe we will be mature enough by then to adopt the Tino Rangatiratanga flag.

One day when we are an independent country, no longer colonised by the wealthy of other countries.

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora KJT - so true mate - it will be a good day when that happens.