Monday, March 7, 2016

good decision by Landcorp

This is good news that Landcorp are backing away from giving forest to dairy. The benefits of forest hardly need saying but we will be, and are, thankful for all of the remaining forests. We must stop the chopping wherever it occurs.

From RNZ
State-owned farming company Landcorp has confirmed it is backing away from a massive planned dairy conversion in the central North Island... 
RNZ News earlier reported that Landcorp had come to the realisation that the environmental impacts of its conversions in the Waikato were simply too great. 
Mr Carden said 14500ha of former forestry land earmarked for dairy farming at the estate would now have alternative uses.
We must plant more forests. Planned and unplanned forests. We must dig up the berms, the verges and plant communal fruit and nut trees, as well as assorted gardens. We must enforce that 20% of all land is converted to forest - and not pine trees. We must focus also on reclaiming wetlands - those essential places where land becomes sea. A transition zone. Our future depends upon this.

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