Monday, March 23, 2015

the last guide

the last guide

We climbed through clouds
the first day up to the pass
my body sang laments to
each stoney step and at the top
we went to sleep to a dire
ukulele strummed hard by
a german youth reliving a past

The wild kiwi slid through
the bush and we watched
and at Heaphy a Rangitāne
and I hongi, later a descendant
of Te Rauparaha and I kōrero
about the voices we hear here
where here enemies are friends

as I cradle my baby, home,
softly rocking and reaching for
another son to touch his head
and still his sighs, his mother,
my love, leans across my lap
and I realise the cadence of my
breath is still a walk, my pack

sits serenely on my shoulders


Ruahine said...

Kia ora Marty,
Ataahua e hoa..glad to know you out there and up there Listening. Cheers for sharing.

bsprout said...

nice :-)