Monday, February 10, 2014

Waitangi day night - a poem

A poem for Waitangi day 2014

Waitangi day night

A queen sent emissaries
as I checked the rat trap
for a licker lover of
peanut butter inside the
ceiling of my whare
on Waitangi day night

That wasp stung me inside
my ear, I heard the vibrating
wings notch up but too
late my instinctual alarm
bell rang, too late for me
on Waitangi day night

Their paper home has grown
and my ear has swollen so i
cannot hear their voices
entreating the benefits of
a queen constantly begetting
on Waitangi day night

I huddle inside a fern now,
my old whare adorned with
photos of a queen, a tidal
current I see, head-high as
sweeping so clean, me
on Waitangi day night


Bruce Clark said...

Hi - hope you don't mind my emailing again - have written song "Dirty POlitics" please pass on to as many as you can and have a listen yourself - you'll like it - -all the best- bruce -

Marty Mars said...

Thanks Bruce - good one - thanks for writing it and here's hoping the message gets in to voters!!!