Thursday, February 7, 2013

Waitangi reflections

I have had a quiet Waitangi Day - we don't have TV so no images of protests or whatever, in fact most of my day was spent in the garden connecting with nature and growing food. I did read about the hand-holding issue up north and the usual abuse of Titewhai Harawira. I loved the way it was sorted out - by the kuia themselves not the men or the media. I struggle to celebrate the day itself because I don't believe that the crown have lived up to their side of the agreement and they have deliberately evaded real questions of equality in the past and today. National and Labour are both too similar for me with their neo-liberal agenda and 'growth is good' mantra's. No for me it is The Mana Party and the Greens for support - that is what I am working on supporting and that is where my energy and faith is going.

It was a tough year last year for me but it ended up unexpectedly well as I got back with the mother of my son and I'm living with them both again. Study is coming up and the ever-present financial issues but with Charlotte and Kahu and me I believe we can make it work - that is where my energy is going too.

Blogging, it seems is still on my agenda - I still have something to say and over time I'll say it.

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Ruahines said...

Kia Ora Marty,
Glad to read you will still be out there. You are a voice we need. Also glad a tough year has come good for you. Kia kaha e hoa.