Thursday, February 28, 2013

they can't break us

Great news that political prisoner Tame Iti has been released from prison. The injustice of his sentence is there forever but as Hone says Tame has increased his mana. 

Mana MP Hone Harawira was at the marae to welcome Iti and believes he has come out of prison a stronger man.
"I think his mana has been enhanced by what he's gone through because those are lessons you just can't get on the outside. He's learnt from that, he's grown from that - he's a better man for it.
"And we as a people - Maori people in particular - are going to be better off for having a leader like this go though those experiences and come out as strongly."
Mr Harawira said Iti has successfully survived all that the state could throw at him.
I really like the attitude of Tame Iti
He held no resentment about being in jail nine months, saying he enjoyed his time there and was able to work and be creative with his art.
Iti said he was inspired by reading a book about former South African leader Nelson Mandela and wants to write one on the history of political prisoners in New Zealand.
His lawyer Russel Fairbrother said an application has been lodged with the Supreme Court to overturn the conviction and sentence.
Tame Iti is a man of mana for fighting for his beliefs and not being bowed and broken by the state. Good news also that fellow political prisoner Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara has also been granted parole and will leave prison on Monday.

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