Tuesday, August 7, 2012

water and a seal

There is a lot on at the moment, I've got 3 assignments due at the end of the week so head down time. It interesting how sometimes we try to make life easier and we end up making it a bit tougher. I thought I'd do a couple of double semester papers to ease the load... and I've managed to end up with a lot more to do this semester, as in 5 papers. Doh! 

Perhaps prime minister key is thinking the same as his desire to sell off our assets hits the immovable wall of Māori rights. I am sure he thought he was making life easier for himself and his mates - you know, to make more money. The Waitangi Tribunal have stated, that the government request to hurry up their process of deliberation, is "unusual and inappropriate". Sums it up well.

I came across this photo from a while ago. What a beautiful animal. Popoiangore - The Leopard Seal

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