Wednesday, August 1, 2012

me moralise d land

Eddie on The Standard has highlighted a very good point about the water debate. Prime Minister key doesn't even have a clue.

The Standard
The Waitangi Tribunal has noted it has the power to make binding recommendations over memoralised land. Key doesn’t think Mighty River has any memoralised land. Yes, it does.
As Eddie notes this is the flagship policy for key, this is the one they are pushing through against all opposition and this is the one where key doesn't even know the slightest about the law or Māori rights. Mei Chen calls keys optimism that 'she'll be right',  "misplaced" and that is the mildest thing you could say.

I have posted on The Standard thread that
My big worry is the Maori Party, because key will be applying the instruments of displeasure to them soon and they will not like it. They will fold into the narrative key and his minions have constructed, and before you know it they will have justified it all away. I hope my fears are unrealised.
If that does happen, we will see Māori deliberately pitted against Māori. Keeping on top of the issues and making sure sunlight is liberally applied are the answers. If we know their game, we can defeat them.

Hattip The Standard

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