Thursday, April 2, 2015

whose left?

The dust is settling. Mana took a body blow by losing Hone from Parliament but the Mana Movement is still intact, and still fighting against inequality and imo will rise again, better, stronger and more politically astute. The kaupapa has not changed, the will to make change has not wilted nor will it because Mana activists live the reality of inequality every day along with the people.

Mana contested Northland and Rueben Taipari Porter didn't get many votes as expected but by fielding a candidate Mana showed they are still alive and kicking - and still have a great sense of humour - go here to read Rueben's thoughts.
With my stunning result of 55 votes, beaten even by the LegalizeCannab1s party, you would think that I would crawl under a rock andhide…But after studying the result figures I didn’t do too bad. FocusNorthland and the other candidates chose to vote strategically whileNational and Labour candidates got thrashed! Actually as the firstMana candidate to ever stand in any Northland General Election, Inever lost any majority so actually I came in 2nd to HonourableWinston Peters (haha that’s hilarious, but reality is what you make ofit ps phone calls are still coming in so who knows what goodies I canget for us aye?) and my trophy wall is filling up… butcongratulations to Winston, he ran an amazing campaign, it was aprivilege to participate in that historical election and watch himwork. I was watching very closely…
The win by Winston affects Mana but really only indirectly. The Mana Movement and NZF are after different voters and that is very good. The win by Winston does affect Labour and the Greens in the way I described in the last two posts and that affects the left including the Mana Movement. It is going to be interesting watching the developments. Winston has already said 
Winston Peters says he would support mining in Northland if the region benefited from at least 25% of the royalties.
sadly he is old school, focused on money and economics - I tend to agree with Haami on this one too
"He’s been a constant critic of Maori issues and of Maori communities and Maori organisations for decades now, so I wouldn't put him in the Maori MP category, he may have Maori ancestry. And also his party is the party that tried to introduce legislation to remove all references to the Treaty of Waitangi from New Zealand legislation so I don't think it's true to say he represents in any shape or form a Maori perspective," he says.
 Yep the Mana Movement and NZF are polls apart in so many ways.


Ovicula said...

I think Rueben did the right thing in standing. Although it didn't effect the result, the buy election was a great opportunity to get exposure for the kaupapa.

There is a real problem with Labour and they are even trying to promote Winston as a victory for Little's realism and strategic vision. What a load of kaka! With the neglect and poverty in Northland, it should be a natural Labour constituency. It's not and that's largely because it was the first ACT government that started closing down the provinces. With Labour's lack of ability to look at its past acts against the people, and its refusal to learn, I wish it would just disappear. We can build Mana and the Greens and do it better without interference from right wingers.

PS I hope I don't get banned from here. Cheers Marty :-)

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora Ovicula

No you won't get banned from here mate :)