Thursday, October 24, 2013

our stories our way

Karol has written a good piece on The Standard about the plight of our movie industry - well worth a read. 

My comment was
personally I’d like to see more stories from our deep heritage. The stories of the land, of the people on the land – the heroes, the sacrifices, the naming of everything – I really can’t see why people wouldn’t be into it. But I’m not thinking doco’s I’m thinking ‘crouching tiger’ – action. Forget the America’s Cup and put the money into scriptwriting with tangata whenua.
It is worthwhile considering this and it's not so far fetched - it would take faith and generosity but our society as a whole would benefit. Tangata whenua would benefit, the film industry would benefit, we would have more mutual understanding and knowledge and fun. Actors, scriptwriters, extras, locals - it is hard to think of a group that wouldn't benefit really. Even discussing the idea might help us.

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