Friday, June 21, 2013

white and black trash

Some people are horrible and their views are so distasteful I wonder if they have any humanity at all. A case in point is John Hamilton in Arrowtown. They are thinking of building affordable housing in that town

The Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust wants to build 10 rental houses on the council-owned Suffolk St site, which currently houses dilapidated cabins and the Arrowtown Rugby Club rooms. 
Over 250 people have made submissions on that and John Hamilton says
"We don't need white or black trash renting cheap houses in Arrowtown," he said.
"Arrowtown has a very low crime rate because poor people can't afford to live here."
People are trash in hamilton's view but don't worry he's not racist because both 'white' and 'black' people are equally trash, rubbish, thrown away and discarded. What a sad, sick individual hamilton is to have a view of people like that. He is the type that would let poor people die in the street and then complain they are making the place untidy. Personally I'd be quite happy if the hamiltons of this world left this country and never came back.

Luckily some good people live in Arrowtown too and their views are welcome
Jane Peasey said: "We all work extremely hard to live in this amazing place and I can't understand how people would want to take that opportunity away from equally hard working, though lesser paid, families."
Isn't that a contrast to the views of hamilton and doesn't his view contrast with the views and policy of the Mana Movement - a political group that cares about those who need help.


Frank said...

No doubt Hamilton will fall back on the defence of "free speech".


Well here's my free speech; what a nasty, ill-tempered, self-centered excuse for a human being you are, Mr Hamilton. Somewhere along the line, you lost the capacity to feel for your fellow man.

Away with you, you monstrous little man.

Armchair Critic said...

I suspect people like John Hamilton have no humanity, and get by through an ability to seem as though they do, when it is necessary.

Anonymous said...

wonder what John Hamilton does in Arrowtown. Would love to know if he owns a business in Arrowtown so it can be boycotted.

Ruahines said...

Kia Ora Marty,
A perfect example of entrenched passive aggressive racism.
Kia kaha e hoa...