Friday, April 26, 2013

same shit, same shit

Well we knew Susan Devoy was going to struggle in her new role - and so far it has proven to be. Her latest speech, described as a "slow motion train crash" shows just how far from being able to fulfill her role she is. I'm starting to believe that when devoy says stuff like "same shit, different day", when asked about the nature of her new work, that she is being deliberately provocative. 

The big issue is that it becomes all about her and not about the role itself which is not only needed but needing to have a strong, understanding and empathetic person in there. Susan is not that person and I cannot see how she will make it very far in the role, especially when she describes the Wellington staff as "difficult". It seems that the drive and determination of a squash player are not so transferable to the Race Relations role, but those qualities could be useful in creating a fairer society - it depends on the person really.

The lack of insight by devoy and the lack of tolerance from many people over her lack of insight will make devoy very gunshy - she won't speak up, she won't advocate, she won't put herself on the line against the almost constant racism we find here. No, we will have a fake role with fake concern and fake action - meanwhile life goes on for the disadvantaged in our society, as devoy says, "same shit, different day".

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