Monday, March 25, 2013

welded to a stone, sinking

Pita Sharples is a leader who believes in going down with the ship but it is not his job to take the ship down just for hubris or ego. 

We have the potential 3-way leadership of the Maori Party debacle because Pita won't let go of the leadership or his seat in the house and now he has come out in support of Dame Susan Devoy as Race Relations Commissioner calling it "fantastic" and that was after Te Ururoa Flavell, one of the other potential co-leaders of the party, had raised concerns in parliament about that appointment.

Now both the other co-leaders of the Maori Party have tried to get Pita to bow out so that new people can come in and those calls are getting more direct.

Te Ururoa Flavell has suggested it is time for Dr Pita Sharples to stand aside for fresh blood to take over leadership of the Maori Party.
Mr Flavell told TVNZ's Q+A programme today that the party had to start thinking about a "succession plan" as far as its leaders were concerned.
but as stated in the article
Dr Sharples has rejected any suggestion he should step aside and previously said he will stay co-leader until he dies.
I used to admire Pita and defend him but I've said goodbye to those feelings and I wish Pita had taken my advice given so long ago, to retire with dignity and mana.

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