Friday, October 5, 2012

grief creates grieving

The best thing about this “colourblind NZ campaign” launching soon from ansell, is the comedy it will generate. Ansell is a comedic genius and I like this plan of bringing all these 'like-minded people' together so we can know who they are. That is an important part of nation building. Yeah you bastards come-out, come-out whereeveryouare - just joking - ha ha 

Note the new term “Treaty Grievers” – ansell is usually good on these pithy, racially divisive terms, but this one is a fizzer. Getting too close to grief which is accurate and that must be avoided when ‘othering’ groups.

My favourite for comedy in this one is the reference to Martin Luther King by ansell.  They both share the same dream apparently and ansell is convinced that King would approve of his goals. I would like to see them meet to hear what King thinks of that.

Of course the mention of King is a thinly disguised attempt at showing they are okay with people of colour. It’s pretty ham-fisted though, very iwi/kiwi. ansell has run out of ideas and recycling everything multiple times – sad really but sums up well the campaign and its supporters.

Maps did an accurate dissemination of ansell here.

Update. Oh dear - the  Rotary Club of Remuera have said they don't want ansell there anymore - lol.

Maps has more here.


Zia Wolf-Sun said...

That is most unfortunate for the Rotary Club of Remuera! ;)

Thanks for your visit btw much appreciated!

Richard said...

Scott always puts the boot into Remuera but actually I like the place. It is a beautiful suburb with nice houses and nice trees.

Once he and I were leafleting for a protest against the Iraq invasion and I wanted to post there:

"Go where its hardest." (Mao tse Tung) was my idea but Scott averred and we headed South!

Ansell, if Scott isn't making everything up is a bit of a worry for sure.

He needs to head for Otara etc (or South maybe) A fascist will often get more support form the petit bourgeois and some of the working class. He needs to maybe target the white working class...people with enough drive to get good jobs etc are usually intelligent enough to see through such as Ansell.

To be prejudiced against Remuera (or any other area or suburb) is the same as any other prejudice - and it could actually alienate potential supporters to attack the place by implication or otherwise.