Monday, October 31, 2011

sharples desperate

Sharples the Maori Party co-leader has told supporters at the party's campaign launch at the weekend that Mana only purported to stand for Maori. 

"Rubbish. How can John Minto speak for you? Sue Bradford, how can she speak for kaupapa Maori?," he asked.

What he fails to understand that HE doesn't speak for Māori, as evidenced by the Foreshore and Seabed Repeal. Turia already saying she will not stand again and may not even make it through the next term. Hey Pita you should have taken my advice and retired but too late now and all downhill for you and your party. You supported key and all of the sick things he has done to denigrate Māori, like make it harder for whānau, making jokes about Tuhoe, drilling and exploiting our land and sea for money - you stood at his side while he did all these things and no one is going to forget it.  

Remember "we will listen to our people" well you didn't listen but in a few weeks you will hear.

Sue Bradford states it well
Mana was a "Maori-led, Maori-focused political movement", she said. It was led by Hone Harawira and Maori lawyer Annette Sykes and stood on a principle of upholding the Treaty of Waitangi as the constitutional basis for New Zealand. "Mana also invites anyone to join Mana or to support it or to vote for it." Mana wanted every New Zealander to have access to education, good health care and the things that made life full and valuable, Bradford said. "No one should miss out because they are not rich or white or lucky. "Everyone deserves a chance and Mana is there for everyone and that's why I'm in Mana," she said.
Sharples - I voted for your party last time and this time Mana gets both my votes.


whanau4life said...

Arghh!! So torn. Kia ora Marty, I can feel the passion in your blog. I agree with Pita completely, how can Sue or John speak for me and the beliefs I have about Kaupapa Māori? Yet what Sue has said is equally valid for me - "Mana wanted every New Zealander to have access to education, good health care and the things that made life full and valuable". But I'm Maori first - every party ostensibly fights for New Zealanders along with Mana. Māori Party fights for Māori. I think I will vote for the Māori Party and lose some friends and whanau along the way I'm sure. Ten years ago I would have voted for Hone and Mana easily but I have a family and the Māori Party values and what they stand for most closely represent the future I want for my kids. I was not happy with the repeal, but I continue to respect the space Pita has carved out in Politics. I know how tenuous and treachorous that space can be and how quickly Maori turn their backs when you enter it. But at least he is there, and he is holding that ground. Nga Mihi - Jacque. (Please note that I commented in the spirit of debate, not attack).

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora Jacque,

I agree it is tough around this issue, I really do understand.

For me, individuals within the party, any party, come and go - it is the ethos that is important. The ethos of Mana can incorporate lots of views, but tino rangatiratanga is first and foremost and non-negotiable and to have other ethnicities join that cause is the way forward, especially as taina to Māori. Personally I like choice and two or more parties for Māori is okay by me - I'd like even more. Can a non-Māori represent Māori? I agree that is debateable. Can Mana represent Māori? Yes for me.

The reason I went hard on Pita is because I have really respected that man and what he has done and I have felt so disappointed in him and let down - so desperately let down.